“How to become the

‘SOUGHT AFTER’ Coach in your industry

without spending mind numbing hours on social media

even if you have zero connections or followers.


Mike McMahon, co-founder of Prospect Alchemy is a business growth specialist. He is dedicated to helping Accountants double their practice and revenues.

After leaving the Navy, Mike became a business broker and sold businesses. That gave him the opportunity to evaluate over 700 business in depth. He discovered that most of them would never sell and the owner would end up closing shop.

He helped them implement proven sales and marketing strategies resulting in rapid growth. This earned Mike a reputation as a business growth specialist. Someone who can turn failing businesses around.

Here's What We're Going To Cover...

  • The 5 Biggest Enrollment Killers (Mistakes You Make When Trying To Enroll Clients...)
  • How to eliminate the need to chase clients or compete on price...
  • The one thing you absolutely must do before offering any coaching program or building a course...
  • How to know what to charge for your coaching so you get paid what your worth and you clients get the best results...
  • How to use Organic Marketing to fill your coaching practice for FREE with high paying clients...
  • CASE STUDY: Zero to $7 Million annually in 6 months and how you can apply this to your practice...
  • PLUS: A SURPRISE GIFT I'll be revealing to you at the end of this presentation Worth $2,500, Stay Tuned.
  • And Much MUCH more...

January 28, 2021 @ Noon EST / 9am PST


I found the 'deep dive' analysis of my recorded sales presentations particularly useful in highlighting both areas of weakness to rectify, and areas of strength on which to build.

For any coach who may be struggling to close prospects, or may simply want a great refresher I have no hesitation in recommending Mike's Courses.


Peter Baylis

Mike is a caring person that knows his subject matter. Excellent practical training on "how to do it".

The 'Implication questions' refresher helped me to sign up (within 2 weeks), all the customers I can handle for the next 12 months. So to recommend the training is a 'no brainer' for me.


Deon Liebenberg

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